Metal Stand
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    Metal Stand
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      The metal stands are EXCLUSIVE to Tic Tac Wheels and are heavy duty, easy to clean and indestructible.

      The stand is slightly tilted back for optimum running position for your pet.

      Recommeneded for use with the Metal 12inch, 14inch and 16inch wheels and also the Plastic Bucket Tic Tac Wheels (All sizes).

      Please be aware- The metal stands can be used with the 10" metal wheels but this will make the wheel quite high as the metal stands are already pre-drilled, so something may need to be put underneath as a step.

      Comes complete with required fixings - 2 x washers and a locking nut to attach the wheel to the stand.

      The base of the stand is approx 30cm squared.

      Please note this is the metal stand only (wheel not included as pictured)

      The metal stands may have small marks on them due to the manufacturing process.