Tic Tac Wheels was established in 2015 and has continued to grow and build on reputation alone.

All of our exercise wheels are mechanically silent. Which is exactly what you need as animals like to run alot!

The wheels are bearing based and we supply all our wheels with our custom branded bearings- Two high quality precision ball bearings.

Our premium bucket wheels are British Made using good quality plastic buckets. They are smooth on the inside. The wheels are also deep enough for all even the larger sized hedgehogs.

They have a running depth of 5.5 inches. The bearings and wheels are attached and made using screws and not cable tied, for superior quality.

They are also made using stainless steel screws, bolts etc so wont rust as easy as others. The stand itself is glued and screwed, so it is very strong and sturdy. They are slightly tilted back for hedgehog use and are easy to clean and maintain.

Please follow this link for guidance on how to clean your Tic Tac Wheel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPIFTHISfps&t=1s  

The metal stands are Exclusive to Tic Tac Wheels and are indestructible, easy to clean and incredibly sturdy. These wont bend or break. In some cases you may want to secure the stand to the cage floor if you have a particularly boisterous pet. 


Tic Tac Wheels currently produce the only bucket wheel on the market with a metal stand.


The metal wheels are made from sturdy metal and attach with the easy to use brackets. The metal wheels come with the bracket as standard. Please note we would recommend you use the either the bracket supplied or the metal stands with the metal wheels and not to use a different form of attaching it to the side of the cage.  This could lead to stress fractures appearing, especially if you have more than one pet running on the wheel at the same time. Tic Tac Wheels would accept no liability for damages if the wheels are not fixed as recommended.

Please note the brackets are universal and will attach to most cage sizes and styles though some of the larger heavier wheels may require extra security by attaching using a piece of wood to protect your cage bars. This is especially important if you have more than one pet running on the wheel at the same time.


Metal stands are available to purchase separately and these can be found under the accessories page on the website. 

The wheel itself is solid and will last you a long time if looked after properly. The metal wheels can be made in either  10, 12, 14 and 16 inch diameter. All with a 5 inch running depth.


There are cheaper mesh and barred wheels currently on the market but please be aware that not all of them are safe for small animals..as they can get their legs and tails caught in them and can cause injury.




All the wheels are handmade and the majority of wheels are made especially to order.  

We aim to get your order despatched within 10 working days.

Despatch times may vary therefore please frequently check the home page of the website for any updates that may affect your delivery.  

A tracking email is sent to the email address that payment was made. Please ensure you also check your junk folder for these details.

If you do not receive a tracking email within 10 working days of your order then please contact us at TicTacWheels@hotmail.com 

We use DPD courier for the UK.  DPD will send you a tracking email and text message with a 1 hour delivery slot. If you are not home, you can arrange redelivery with DPD. Please note they will only try to deliver the parcel twice and if you miss this then the order will be returned. If you require the parcel resending postage will then need to be paid again.

We use packaging and cardboard boxes that have already been used before. This recycling helps slightly as the packaging and boxes would of ordinarily gone straight into the landfill.


You can order directly through the website. 

Prior to placing an order via PayPal,  please ensure your email and delivery address is correct on your PayPal account. An up to date mobile number is also required for the courier to send the tracking information directly. Please note if these are not correct and the order is returned you will be liable for redelivery charges.

Check you are purchasing the correct size wheel using our sizing guide.

Payment is via Paypal or BACS transfer/cheque can be arranged.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship to any  P.O.Boxes.


Each animal is different and cage sizes vary but here is a quick guide to help you choose your perfect wheel:


Degu - Minimum 12" wheel or 14"/16" Metal Wheel cage size permitting. 

Rats - Minimum 14" Metal Wheel. Male Rats -16" wheel.

Chinchillas -16" Metal Wheel.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs - 12" plastic bucket wheels.

Gerbils - 8"

Prairie Dog - 16" Metal Wheel 

Chipmunks - 12" 

Mice - 6"- 8"


Obviously its your own choice which size you choose for your pet.


Please measure your cage door before placing an order as some of these wheels are very large. A refund will be given if your wheel does not fit but the buyer is to pay the return postage and original postage cost.

Please note-Wheels can only be returned or exchanged if they are unused due to Health and Safety. Under no circumstances must a wheel be disassembled by the purchaser as this will void any exchanges or returns.



You may find it easier to attach the bracket to the cage first.

Simply undo the centre wing nut and slide the bracket off the wheel.. Attach the bracket to the cage, making sure the bracket is evenly spaced across the bars of the cage. Make sure the wing nuts are tightened. You may need a screwdriver to hold the screw in place whilst you tighten the wing nuts.

After the bracket is fixed securely then you can slide the wheel back onto the bracket and tighten using the wing nut.

If the wheel is leaning after fixing to the cage, then the bracket isn't on securely enough and will need tightening securely.

For cleaning: There is no need to take the bracket off from the cage once secured. Undo the centre wing nut and slide the wheel off the bracket. Clean the wheel, using a non abrasive pet safe cleaning product and then return the wheel back through the bracket and tighten securely.


Although there is no lifetime warranty included with the wheels, a full after sales policy is offered with your exercise wheel.  As long as you don't get the bearings wet you should have no problems. We recommend wiping them with animal safe pure wipes. The main point is not to get the middle part of the wheel wet. 

Any damages or faults must be reported within 3 working days. Damages caused as a result of being in shipping will need to be reported to Tic Tac Wheels within 3 working days of receiving the item. Clear photos of the damaged product, packaging and a video will need to be provided. 

Animals that like to chew, may chew the rims/edges of the metal wheels. If this happens then the wheels will need to be sanded down and then can be resprayed with a non toxic spray paint. 

If you have any questions or queries after your purchase then we will be happy to talk you through them.

All wheels come with a care sheet.