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GREEN Bucket Wheel

GREEN Bucket Wheel



These PREMIUM exercise wheels are ideal for the average sized African pygmy hedgehog. 


The wheels are hand-made in Britain using high quality materials.  They are made from strong plastic buckets and are totally silent, using our own custom branded bearings.


The wheels are attached to the bearings using screws and not cabled tied, for superior quality.  The wheel can also be detached for better cleaning by simply unscrewing the domed nut on the inside of the bucket.


A strong PLASTIC STAND is provided with each bucket wheel.  The stand is already tilted back slightly for optimum running position for your hedgehog.  The stand is glued and screwed for extra sturdiness and has 2 different height settings so that you can alter the position to your own requirements.


The bucket wheel including the plastic stand is approximately 33cm in height x 30cm wide and 22cm in depth (11.5 inches diameter).   The wheel dimensions are a generous 5.5inches running depth.


The bucket wheels are built fully assembled to the plastic stand, so they are ready to be used straight away.  


We also offer shallow PLASTIC TRAYS in various colours which are an ideal extra addition to the bucket wheels - a perfect fit with a plastic stand.  They are non slip, easy to clean and maintain and shallow enough for the hedgehogs to get in and out.  The plastic tray dimensions are 41.5cm x 30.5cm (16” x 12”) and 2cm in depth.  These trays can be purchased from the drop down menu.


These exercise wheels are not suitable for animals that chew. 


Please ensure you order the correct size for your vivarium.

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