• 10" Metal Wheel 5" deep CHAMPAGNE


    10" CHAMPAGNE metal wheel.

    • Details

      10.5 " Metal Wheel in stunning CHAMPAGNE

      Silent straight sided exercise wheel.

      Comes complete with the fixing bracket, so it can attach to the side of your cage using 5 bolts, wing nuts and washers. All supplied.
      This will be suitable for most cages and cage styles.

      These wheels are mechanically silent ...all you will hear is the patter of tiny feet.

      Our custom branded wheel bearings are covered by a smaller metal casing.

      The main running wheel is 5" deep, so animals can run together on the wheel.

      These wheels have been professionally coated with non toxic paints, so even if your pet was to try and chew the wheel it would be safe.

      Easy to clean and maintain.

      Please see sizing guide to make sure you get the correct size wheel for your pet.

      Postage is £6.99