Sepiolita Dust

Sepiolita Dust/Sand
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    1.5kg of top quality Sepiolita dust sand.

    Genuine Sepiolita Chinchilla Sand for Cleaning & Bathing
    100% Chinchilla Safe suitable for Degus, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters
    100% Natural Sepiolita Clay
    No harmful additives

    Sepiolita clay is sized perfectly to maximise its cleaning potential whilst
    ensuring it does not remain within the chinchillas fur after bathing.

    Clay particles stick to dirt and oils trapped in their fur and are removing
    when playfully rolling and shaking.

    Helps reduce colour disfiguring, unwelcome odour and
    Stops deadly fungus growing on their skin.
    Anti Caking means Free Flowing for Best Hygiene Cleaning and Coat Condition.
    Give your pet a dust sand bath daily or minimum twice a week for 10-15 minutes
    Change dust sand regular and never reuse if wet and remove any poo.

    Supplied in a sterilised plastic container for easy use and storage.

    Ideal for Degus/Chinchillas/Hamsters etc