• Blue Wheel with odometer


    Blue wheel with odometer.

    These wheels come complete with fitted odometer. You can track just how far your pet runs on an evening.

    Comes all ready to use..simple to track and instructions included.

    Quality silent hedgehog exercise wheel.

    These wheels are totally silent and are made with our own custom branded bearings.

    Made from strong british made buckets.

    The wheels are made with top quality products, stainless steel screws, bolts etc.

    Easy to clean and maintain. The bucket can be detached for extra cleaning by just simply undoing the domed nut on the inside of the bucket.

    The stand is incredibly strong, it's glued and pop riveted for extra sturdiness. The stand has 3 height settings so you can alter the height and position if required, depending if you have a high tray etc.

    Approx 32cm high, 30cm wide, 20cm deep.

    The running wheel itself is 5.5 inches deep so will accommodate the larger sized hedgehogs.

    They come already assembled so there is no need to have to put it together etc

    There is an option to add a plastic tray with the wheel.

    These are ideal to use with the bucket wheel and are shallow enough for the animals to get in and out of.

    The trays are non slip and easy to clean.

    Please select the colour of the tray from the drop down menu.


    These wheels are made from plastic and therefore not suitable for animals that chew.

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      Postage is £6.99