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  • 16" Metal Wheel RED


    16" Metal Wheel RED

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      These PREMIUM Metal exercise wheels are hand-made in Britain using high quality materials with a non toxic powder coated high quality finish.

      They are easy to clean and maintain and will last a long time if looked after.  All you will hear is the patter of any feet.


      These are mechanically silent wheels using our own custom bearings protected by a rear metal casing.  The wheels are made from aluminium making them solid and light.


      They are 16.5 inches diameter and have a 5inch deep running depth for your pet.  They are straight sided, allowing for optimum running capability.


      Metal BRACKETS are supplied with each metal wheel as standard.  The brackets include bolts, wing nuts and washers.

      The wheels using these brackets will attach to the side of most cages and styles.  If you have more than one pet running on the wheel at the same time, you may need to brace the cage with a piece of wood for extra security to ensure longtivity of the wheel.

      A strong METAL STAND can be purchased separately.  These are exclusive to Tic Tac Wheels and are heavy duty, easy to clean and indestructible.


      PRIOR TO ORDERING:- Please ensure you order the correct size wheel for your pet using our recommended sizing guide.  Also, measure your cage door as some of these wheels are very large. A refund will be given if your wheel does not fit inside the cage and it has not been used (due to Health & Safety) however the buyer will be expected to pay the return postage and original postage cost.